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Rent your cottage or B&B with instant booking or after your 1 click approval.


Frictionless booking without leaving your website.

Our easy to copy&paste Book button starts the easiest booking process you've ever seen, without leaving your website!
Your description of the accommodation stays visible all the time, less confusion, less data entry, less to update and maintain. More simplicity!
Now you can combine the automation level of a big platform with your personal touch.

Easy for your clients

The booking popups open directly next to the information on your site.
Instant access to availability with prices, discounts and options already calculated.

More bookings

More visitors become guests if prices, availability, booking procedures and confirmations are clear. provides the simplest booking procedure on this planet!

Easy for you

No more double data entry. Intuitive price settings, advanced automation options.
You decide how much you want to automate.

Less stress

Direct reservations with automated (pre)payment handling, automatic booking confirmations, or just an automated message that you will confirm the request in 48 hours?


Your site, your rules, 0% commissions.

No follow, no tracking, no 'last room' manipulations, no selling of your data.
No hidden costs, no booking fees, no commissions, no bullshit.

You stay in charge

It's your cottage/b&b and your site. You make the rules. can automate the steps you want.

0% commissions

€ 49 per year for 2 rentals, or
€ 99 per year for up to 10 rentals.

Free full version

Use 1 month for free.
No credit card required.

Privacy respected

No tracking and tracing


All the usual stuff ... and some real innovations


€ 49 per year for 2 rentals, or

€ 99 per year for up to 10 rentals.

That's 82 cent per month per accommodation for unlimited bookings!
Excl. tax and excl. optional service costs of credit card providers.
Try without any obligation for 30 days.

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