Booking system availability

Disruptive technology:

Big Tech's onboarding technology is now available to smaller hosts.
Let the customer journey start on your own website (and become more independent from the big platforms).

No more SEO en security problems

Superior technology consists of shadow-rooted web components that do not interfere with the parent website.
You no longer need to use inferior techniques like I-frames. All the required technological intelligence is delivered right into the existing website.

Any place, any website.

Real integration

The web component technology makes it possible to display availability calendars, booking buttons and a search bars at any place. The whole reservation process takes place right next to the information about the accommodation to rent.
It is no longer necessary to lead your guests astray by abruptly redirecting them to another domain.

Easier than ever before

Just copy and paste

No existing solution offers the ease of use of
To fully integrate the entire reservation system into any (existing) website the only technical skill you need is: copy and paste.

Batteries included

Only 10% of the usual costs

By combining server-less technology with ultra-fast and lightweight innovations that run on visitors' browsers, waiting for responses from heavy server farms is a thing of the past.
And the cost explosions that go with them too.

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