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With Pro booking buttons, your customer will click and book without losing sight of your property! You can place the buttons anywhere on your site, by simply copying and pasting them. For example, next to the information about the relevant accommodation.
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Availability and booking software for vacation rentals
Give your visitors the ease of use of the big platforms, but without the excessive costs.


Direct Booking Buttons
Give your visitors the ease of use of the big platforms, but without the excessive costs.

More bookings

More visitors become guests if prices, availability, booking procedures and confirmations are clear. provides the simplest booking procedure on this planet!

Completely multilingual in 7 languages.

Both the booking process, the confirmation by mail and all the settings are available in 7 languages.

Works with all websites can be easily cut and pasted into your current website thanks to modern web component technology (100% free of i-frames).

Payment options built-in

Let your customers pay directly by IBAN instant bank transfer, credit card, iDeal, Sofort, etc. You determine the conditions. Your guests pay directly into your account

No more double bookings

Realtime third-party bookings synchronisation.
Live iCal connections with among others, AirBnB, VRBO, HomeAway, Tripadvisor, Flipkey

Flexible price configurations

Flexible pricing per accommodation, per day, per (extra) guest. Each accommodation can have its own price differences per day, per season, with different minimal days.

Lowest price on earth

2 accommodations: 49 euros per year.
10 accommodations: 99 euros per year
0% commissions. All options included.


Built on the same platform as your bank (AWS), state-of-the-art technology that can process thousands of bookings per millisecond

No i-frames

In contrast to almost all alternatives, does not use so-called i-frames. The use of the outdated i-frame technique leads to SEO problems, user interface problems, problems on mobile devices and security problems.

No redirects

Forwarding your visitor to a third-party site will cause confusion due to a different domain name, the changed layout/design, having to make a new choice for an accommodation, extra delay, etc. With the components your guest will remain on your site and your information and the chosen accommodation will remain in view

More direct booking is less commissions
OTA skipper

Block dates at the OTAs but accept direct synchronised bookings on these dates. The best way to bypass unnecessary commissions for seasons you can esaily fill yourself. Save thousands of euros.

Multi channel Synchronisation

Up to 5 different iCal channels per accommodation possible. Automatically synchronised reservations every 30 minutes 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.



Frictionless booking without leaving your website.

Easy for your clients

The booking popups open directly next to the information on your site.
Instant access to availability with prices, discounts and options already calculated.

Easy for you

No more double data entry. Intuitive price settings, advanced automation options.
You decide how much you want to automate.

Direct Booking reservations

Frequently Asked Questions

Which editor can I use?
Compatible with all editors, including:
WP Classic, WP Gutenberg, WP elementor, Wix, Jimdo, Squarespace, Weebly, etc. etc.
Can I use all the components together?
Yes, you can use an availability calendar, a Search bar and the direct Booking buttons direct Booking buttons, even on one page
Is it possible to have several components on one page?
Yes, you can use an availability calendar, a search bar and the direct Booking buttons interchangeably, without limitation on one page
Are Booking buttons included?
Yes, every Pro version has both the Search bar and the Direct Booking buttons. Visitors can thus book the results from the Search bar directly with the built-in Booking buttons or submit a submit a reservation request with the reservation buttons.
Is a Search bar included?
Yes, every Pro version has both the Search bar and the Direct Booking buttons. Visitors can thus book the results from the Search bar directly with the built-in Booking buttons or submit a submit a reservation request with the reservation buttons;
Can the Search bar also be used only as an availability overview?
Yes, you can, for example, choose not to show 'Direct Booking buttons', or only a link to a page with a 'Direct booking button For example, you can choose not to display any 'Direct Booking buttons', or only display a link to more information about the available accommodation(s). accommodation(s).
Is an app available?
Yes you can manage bookings/reservations from an app, which you can on your phone, pad or laptop without having to log in each time
Can the results be shown in a popup?
Yes, the results will be displayed in a modal/popup by default.
Can the results be displayed in the page?
Yes, you can include classes in the existing display of accommodations on your website. Unavailable accommodations will not be displayed or will have a 'reserved' message
Can the results be displayed on another page?
Yes, the Search bar can show the results on another page of your site. This is done by specifying a parameter
Why innovative?
The components are state-of-the-art web components made with the latest technology.
The app is a Progressive Web Application and is built from web components.
The software is hosted on a serverless platform that has the capacity to handle millions of simultaneous actions in the same millisecond.
100% free?
Get one availability calendar for free, forever. Install the app and you are in business.
We hope you like our innovative software and that you will choose us when you need more. For example: Availability calendar: 10 properties, multilingual, synchronisation with third-party calendars, for €25 per year. Search bar and Booking buttons: a complete and professional booking engine for 2 or 10 properties, starting at €49 a year.
Is it really easy?
All elements can be fully integrated into your website by simply cutting and pasting. Because they are state-of-the-art web components, you do not have to deal with the major drawbacks of i-frames and redirects to third-party sites, while the integration is less complicated

Direct Booking reservations Availability calendars | Search bar | Booking buttons

Availability calendars

The Availability calendar simply shows on which days your accommodations are still available.
Automatically synchronised and now with handy app!

Search bar

Use the Search bar to show your available accommodations.
Visitors become guests with this easy and well known interface (see airBnB/Booking).

Booking buttons

Booking buttons integrated in your existing information.
The ease of use of a large platform without the additional costs!
Booking buttons for booking direct

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