Bookaplace Availability and booking software for vacation rentals

Availability and booking software for vacation rentals

Simply paste one code on your website and offer your customers: Fully integrated into your website.
The best converting booking tool on this planet, stop losing customers due to unclear booking procedures on third-party sites and iframes.
Benefit from our technical innovations!

Here’s how it works:

When integrating booking buttons, the search bar and availability calendars into your own short-term rental site, you can enhance the user experience for your guests. These booking components provide a seamless and straightforward booking process.


Placing the booking buttons prominently on your site ensures that guests can easily find them. Consider adding a search bar to your main pages and availability calendars and direct booking buttons to the accommodation pages.


The buttons are labeled clearly (e.g., “Book Now” ) by default so that guests understand their purpose. The intuitive design elements guide users toward the booking process.


By choosing one of the 25 different themes, the design and layout can be easily made consistent with the overall look of your site. Familiarity breeds confidence, and guests will appreciate a cohesive experience.

User Flow:

Next to your information about the accommodation your guest finds the booking button that starts a straightforward booking flow, without leaving the page! Provided with all essential information (dates, rates, property details) your guest is simply guided through the minimal steps (selecting dates, choosing options, entering guest information, payment).

Mobile Optimization:

The booking process is mobile-friendly. Many guests use smartphones or tablets to make reservations, so a responsive design is crucial.


After completing the booking, a clear confirmation message is displayed and instantly send by e-mail. Including reservation details, payment information, and any additional instructions.

Remember that a user-friendly booking process encourages more bookings and enhances guest satisfaction.

Availability and booking software for vacation rentals

Direct Booking reservations Availability calendars | Search bar | Booking buttons

Availability calendars

The Availability calendar simply shows on which days your accommodations are still available.
Automatically synchronised and now with handy app!

Search bar

Use the Search bar to show your available accommodations.
Visitors become guests with this easy and well known interface (see airBnB/Booking).

Booking buttons

Booking buttons integrated in your existing information.
The ease of use of a large platform without the additional costs!
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