About us

We love the internet

Internet is the foundation of all we do.

We love technology

We dream in objects. Our dreams start at 0 and are 100% serverless.
We master the internet technologies of tomorrow.
Web components, Progressive Web Apps, NodeJS, Deno, Serverless, Saas, Jamstack?
Been there, doing that.

We detest surveillance capitalism

Unlike platforms like AirBnb and Booking, we don't think that shielding part of the internet and then charging up to 30% for it, is a sustainable business mode l. Neither does the stealthy selling of all user data.
At most it is a new temporary internet bubble.
We prefer to combine 'old-school' morality with the innovations of tomorrow.
Our software is 100% Facebook, Google, Microsoft free.
More info? John Oliver about Data Brokers

Our contributions to a better internet:

Booka.place - become independant with the smoothest booking system ever possible on your own website (and save up to 30% per booking).
BnB.direct, Gites.Direct, Cottage.direct - our low cost MVP's that proof that Big Tech should be renamed in Big Marketing.

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