Why use a booking engine?

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Nowadays, your customers are used to the ease of use of the major platforms. Instantly visible availability, instant booking without waiting, and instant payment processing. With Booka.place you can offer the same ease of use as the known platforms, but without the costs.
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Why is it better to have a booking engine on your holiday rental website rather than just a form?

There are several reasons why it is better to have a booking engine on your holiday rental website rather than just a form:

  1. Instant booking: A booking engine allows customers to make a booking and pay immediately, whereas with a form they have to wait for confirmation from the owner. This offers a better customer experience and increases the likelihood of customers actually making a booking.

  2. Real-time availability: A booking engine shows the availability of your accommodation in real-time, so customers can immediately see which dates are available and which are not.

  3. Automation: A booking engine automates many tasks, such as sending confirmation, synchronizing with other sites and sources. This prevents double bookings and saves you and your customers time.

  4. Professional impression: A Booka.place booking engine is fully integrated into your site and gives your website a more professional look and can increase the trustworthiness of your business. Customers like to look at a professional-looking website and have more confidence in a reliable booking procedure. Avoid booking engines that redirect to another site. Your customers will lose confidence and often have to find the accommodation they had set their sights on all over again in the new different layout and style.

Overall, a booking engine can help you generate more bookings, save time and effort and provide a better customer experience.

No calendar nor booking engine:

        graph TD 
        A[Find list of accommodations] --> B[Open info about an accommodation] 
        B --> C[Search for availability] 
        C --> C1[No calendar?]
        C1 --> C3[Ask owner and wait.....] 
        C3 --> Dn
        C3 --> E
        C --> Dn[Not available?] --> A
        C --> E[Available?]
        E --> F[Mail reservation to owner and wait.....]
        F --> F2[Confirmation by owner]
        F2 --> G[Arrange payments]
        G --> H[Wait final confirmation by owner]
        style C3 color:white,fill:red,stroke:#333,stroke-width:2px
        style F color:white,fill:red,stroke:#333,stroke-width:2px

With Booka.place:

        graph TD 
        A[Enter the date in the well-known search bar] --> B[View the available accommodations] 
        B --> C[Click the Book-now button] 
        C --> D[Pay the deposit online]
        D --> E[Receive confirmation by mail]
Wait bounces 80% of your potential guests.
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