Add a cheap booking engine to your existing Wix site

If you consider to add a availability overview, a booking button or a complete online booking system to your Wix website this may be interesting:

With you can add all this, and much more, to your Wix website without upgrading to a Business Wix account (starting from 20 per month).

How to add to your Wix site?

  1. Open your Wix editor.
  2. Click 'Embed code'.
  3. Click 'Embed HTML'.
  4. Drag the element (iframe) that is added to your Wix page to the correct position.
  5. Make it page wide and at least 600px heigh.
  6. Get the custom made for Wix code from the dashboard
  7. Copy and paste the code in the 'Enter Code' field.
  8. Sometimes you need to right click on the new element and select 'Arrange' and 'Bring to front'.
  9. Voila, your booking button, availability calendar or Booking search bar is working!

See a live example at Cheap Booking system for Wix
Direct booking site - French Tech Bordeaux Direct booking site - fabriqué en France

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